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Buying, selling, or leasing property in Thailand is a minefield for the foreigner at the best of times and unfortunately, the mines move. This is one area of Thai life were you really do need proper and correct legal advice. And, the advice needs to come from a competent Thai lawyer and not a that nice guy you met in the bar who seems to know everything and definitely not a that big strapping guy in the gym who really does know everything. Yes!!! Thailand is the land of smiles, it is also the land of miss information. If you want to know about buying a house or land, of leases, mortgages, superficies or servitudes call in and see us. If you want a Title Search, Due Diligence a Contract Review, or Transfer of Title please allow us to act as your agent and represent you.



Although Leases were mentioned above they warrant a separate section of their own. At this point in time and it seems for the foreseeable future the vast proportion of the legal profession agrees a lease is the best option for the foreigner to acquire land. The Usufruct is now defunct but a 30-year lease allows the foreigner to acquire land and build on it. In truth it is quite a complex process, a lease is not in perpetuity, should you have a family member or a young adult as a sub-lessee? The correct preparation of the lease document is of vital importance as the renewal can be at the discretion of the Registrar. So, again it requires a competent Thai lawyer to prepare the lease and register the same at the Land Office.


Commercial Disputes

With almost all commercial or property disputes Thai courts advocate the path towards a peaceful settlement. Mediation or Conciliation both come under the heading of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) the path the courts recommend. The two main bodies for the implementation of ADR are the Thai Arbitration Institution (TAI) and the Thai Commercial Arbitration Committee of the Board of Trade. If Arbitration fails the answer is ultimately court. If you have to file a lawsuit it is extremely important to be represented by a lawyer who can converse and cope with both English and Thai. This can be a long and difficult path, if you need help – we can help.



Visas, visas, visas. Ohhh so many visas, so much information required, so many forms to fill in. It is no wonder there are so many Visa Agencies. But, and it is a big BUT acquiring your first or subsequent visa or even changing your visa type is well within the capabilities of most people. The good news is that every visa has a set criterion that needs to be fulfilled and your Embassy or even your Local Immigration Office will be happy to assist. The bad news – not all Immigration Offices have the same interpretation of the criteria and even if the Offices do some of the staff don’t. But, don’t worry we are here to advise and ensure a correct conclusion.


Work Permits

You need a Work Permit to work in the Kingdom of Thailand If you work without a permit you can be arrested fined or even imprisoned. A work permit allows you to work or even run your own company. And this is where the end of the simple statements. Many foreign nationals have work permits, it is not an impossible task, but, it is not an easy road to travel. If you want to work in Thailand as with every other aspect of Thai law we can assist you to a successful conclusion. So, be it a work permit or any other problem we have the solution and you are very welcome to call our office at any time.


Declaration of Human Rights

All human rights are indivisible, whether they are civil or political rights, such as the right to life, equality before the law or freedom of expression.

We do everything in our power to uphold these rights.

Squires Legal is a God fearing company and we undertake to treat all our clients and their adversaries with respect. "We do not judge others least we also be judged" Luke 6-37

We do however have a TOTEM: Changqing. He is a link between the East and the West; he is Asian but revered in the West. He wrote on war strategy two and a half thousand years ago. What he wrote then still has an impact on modern day war strategy. Chess, as in our Litigation Icon, is a war game. We do not regard our court battles as a game in any way but, they do need a similar type of strategy as in war. And, we fight our battles to win, just as Changqing did all those years ago.

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