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Squires Legal is equipped to deal with all aspects of Thai Law and is only too happy to guide you through any of the following:-



Whether it be Civil Cases, Criminal Cases, Labor Disputes or Commercial Disputes, we are able to direct you down the right paths in relation to Mediation or if necessary the correct courts and our team of lawyers are guaranteed to give you a service second to none.

Thai Will

If you have assets in Thailand you need a Thai Will even more than you need a last Will and Testament in your own country. Thai law on who will benefit from your estate is far more complex than most other countries. None of us likes to think about our demise but, at the very least, you should call in to our office and have the basics explained to you.

Thai Notary

Squires Legal employs a number of Notary Service Attorneys and there is always someone available to Verify the authenticity of signatures in a document; Certify the identities of parties to an agreement; To administer oaths and affirmations; The signing of parties to a document. They will also advise you as to which documents may require further authorization.

Power of Attorney

If you are in need of a Power of Attorney, whether it be a General Power of Attorney or a Special Power of Attorney or maybe you are unsure of the difference, call into our office and we will explain what options are available to you. It is always sensible to make the right decision keeping your risk factors as low as possible.

Company formation

In Thailand there are 3 basic options to operating a company. This is an area where you really do need the help of a Thai Lawyer. It is a classic case of it’s easy when you know how. We know how. Our Managing Director is an expert on Commercial Law. Make an appointment and come and see her, it will be time well spent.

Family Law

Family Law in Thailand is very explicit but, there are people who think a Prenuptial Agreement is a good place to start. It must be said this thought usually occurs when the marriage hits trouble. We can advise on a Prenuptial Agreement as we can advise on the requirements and documentation needed for Thai Marriage Registration. We at Squires Legal will do everything we can to assist you if your marriage does hit trouble. We will always be here to help with mediation or anything we can do to smooth the troubled waters. If the only answer is divorce we can advise you on the different processes of contested and uncontested divorce. Although, it is a very delicate area we are very experience in all aspects of child support and adoption.