Squires Consultants are Multi-Licensed Insurance Brokers


Squires have worked in association with the companies at right over almost 20 years. The experience, credibility and awards gained is the reason Squires can offer the service it does today.

They not only offer an excellent service but, at prices few companies can match. Prices that are almost impossible to undercut.

Honesty is vital on the part of any insurance company or broker you deal with.

When you compare prices it is essential you look at what you are receiving for your money. We will always quote on the plan we consider best suited for your circumstances.

And, we will always discuss and explain why we consider your plan is best suited to your needs. Insurance is a risk business if you want to take all the risks and pay the minimum premium we will tailor your policy to suit.

As previously mentioned the awards we have received over the years are confirmation of our commitment to our customers. We do everything we can to earn the title “the company that cares” Call in and see us we will be happy to make you welcome.


We really do offer the best rates from the best companies in all the following:


Health — Life — Motor — Travel — House — Business

Declaration of Human Rights

All human rights are indivisible, whether they are civil or political rights, such as the right to life, equality before the law or freedom of expression.

We do everything in our power to uphold these rights.

Squires Legal is a God fearing company and we undertake to treat all our clients and their adversaries with respect. "We do not judge others least we also be judged" Luke 6-37

We do however have a TOTEM: Changqing. He is a link between the East and the West; he is Asian but revered in the West. He wrote on war strategy two and a half thousand years ago. What he wrote then still has an impact on modern day war strategy. Chess, as in our Litigation Icon, is a war game. We do not regard our court battles as a game in any way but, they do need a similar type of strategy as in war. And, we fight our battles to win, just as Changqing did all those years ago.

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